Chemistrie Magnetic Lenses



Chemistrie Magnetic Lens Layering System is a sleek and stylish way to add sunlenses or reader lenses to any prescription frame. The Chemistrie System utilizes tiny micro magnets that are imbedded within the sun lens and also into the prescription lens, they are outside of the field of vision and barely noticeable.

Since they are rimless, they are extremely lightweight, yet still very durable. The lenses are offered in multiple base curves so they can be perfectly matched to the base curve of the Rx lens thereby reducing rubbing and scratching.

In addition to 24 sun lens colors, Chemistrie lenses offers reader layer in powers ranging from +.50 through +2.50 in increments of +.25. These lenses are perfect for single vision lens wearers that have developed presbyopia or for patients who spend extensive time in from of a computer monitor.

Are you in and out of driving most of the day? Since the transitions will not change in the vehicle, consider having the original lens made with our transitions lens and add the Chemistrie clip as a sunglass lens so that you have the best of both worlds. Added sunglass protection while driving and the convenience of the transitions otherwise.